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We ended Spring term with a special ‘Thank you’ assembly for our wonderful parent volunteers and a breakfast for our amazing teachers Happy holidays to all of our Hpabe families!


The last day of our healthy living week has been a day of wellbeing. Yoga sessions, mindful practice, positive affirmations, worry worksheets and a wellbeing assembly. Thank you to Silva Sanchis Yoga for this mornings sessions.


Personal Care day has seen sleep workshops, hygiene and handwashing lessons and a visit from the Bromley Healthcare dental team.


What a fun and informative day for our food and nutrition topic in our healthy living week. Here’s a great little video from reception on their smoothie making.


gave an informative sugar assembly today followed by a global flavours workshop where children looked at lunches from around the world to see how healthy they were. They then got the opportunity to make their own healthy wraps to take home. Thank you Chartwells.


gave an assembly on sugar followed by a global flavours workshop which looked at lunches from around the world and how healthy they are. Children then had the opportunity to make their own healthy wraps to take home. Thank you Chartwells.


Reception are ‘tasting a rainbow 🌈’ of fruit and vegetables today and trying new flavours. Once tasted the children are writing their own smoothie recipes and making their smoothies.


Food and nutrition day has launched with an ‘Energise Workshop’ from we have been learning about how food gives us energy and making super snacks using highly nutritious ingredients. We are naming our product and pitching it to the rest of the class.


This afternoon we carried on with our exercise and fitness exploration. Huge thank you to for the Zumba session for reception and YR1 whilst YR2 and YR3 experienced their first cross country run. Well done all! Tomorrow we will be looking at food and nutrition.


Brilliant lunchtime led by staff and sports leaders. Dance, netball, volleyball, tag, football and more. Stamina award goes to Miss Steer for her Zumba sessions. Such a fun lunchtime emphasising on exercise and fitness in all forms.


Healthy living week has started here. Today’s focus is fitness, exercise and hydration and the wonderful sports team and their sports leaders have been over from to give the children sports stations to test their fitness. Thank you


This looks amazing!


Celebrating the wonderful women in our lives. The children created this wall of hearts with messages and artwork. Happy Mother’s Day 💐 ❤️


Wild Wood science session today. ‘Can you make a floaty boat to get an alien around their water planet’ Using a variety of natural materials and working fully outdoors year 1 took on the challenge wholeheartedly for their topic


The whole school took part in the today and collected 8 bags of litter. Well done all was an interesting and informative session. Our Eco Warriors will collate our results and update the school on the findings


Year 1 are super excited to be launching their rockets in science today


High excitement for our first football match against Good luck to both teams. We look forward to hearing all about it. Thank you to AllMech Pipework for sponsoring our lovely new kits.


Huge thanks to the wonderful parents who came in over the weekend to help develop our sensory garden. We can’t wait for the children to see the changes tomorrow!


An alien spaceship crash landed into Wild Wood today for our ‘moon zoom’ topic. The friendly alien had left a letter with recipes for the children to recreate using the mud-kitchen, lots of natural materials, imagination and a tonne of fun!

Harris Academies
All Academies in our Federation aim to transform the lives of the students they serve by bringing about rapid improvement in examination results, personal development and aspiration.

Central Office














    Pupil Parliament

    Harris Primary Academy Beckenham have recently formed their Pupil Parliament. We actively promote pupil independence and leadership opportunities with the aim of developing valuable leadership, communication and organisation skills.  We believe that it is vital for our pupils to have a voice and be involved in key matters related to our academy.  

    Children can share new ideas or matters that need to be discussed, feed back to their classes and bring thoughts and resolutions on issues affecting them. These are all recorded as minutes and are published below. The outcomes of these discussions are shared with the Senior Leadership Team who consider, discuss and respond to the matters raised.

    Our Pupil Parliament representatives play a very important role in supporting our development. Each class nominates 2 representatives to attend meetings which are held on a regular basis and facilitated by staff members to discuss issues that are important to the children and work on projects to improve their academy.

    Our current Pupil Parliament is made up of the following:


    Year 2 Squirrel

    Prime Minister


    Year 2 Bat

    Deputy Prime Minister


    Year 2 Bat

    Minister for Health and Fitness


    Year 2 Squirrel

    Minister for Outdoor Learning


    Year 1 Otter

    Deputy Prime Minister


    Year 1 Otter

    Minister for Outdoor Learning


    Year 1 Hedgehog

    Minister for Friendship and Support


    Year 1 Hedgehog

    Minister for Health and Fitness


    Reception – Badger

    Minister for Friendship and Support


    Reception – Badger

    Minister for Academy Environment


    Reception – Fox

    Minister For Learning


    Reception – Fox

    Minister for Fundraising

    Page Downloads

    Title Date  
    Pupil Parliament Minutes 060217 10th Feb 2017 Download
    Pupil Parliament Minutes 270117 10th Feb 2017 Download