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We are pleased to announce that we have been awarded the foundation level of the International School Award and partnered with Chongqing Bashu School in China and look forward to further developing links with them across this year.


Space Mission YR2019 has begun. Reception are enjoying their WOW day to launch 🚀 topic with astronaughts looking to find the hidden alien planet 👽 🌍 🌓 and searching the stars ✨ to gather more information.


We have travelled back in time for our Yr3 WOW day topic launch with and have been exploring the prehistoric world. A woolly mammoth made an appearance and helped with our role play and art inspiration.


Yr2 are launching dress as someone that helps in your community. How inspirational to have mini-me teachers and the heroes that are the healthcare professionals and firefighters within the academy today🔥 👨🏼‍🚒👩🏾‍⚕️👩🏼‍🏫


WOW days are happening across the academy today to launch our new topics. Yr1 are starting with and is ever so fun when you’re dressed as and oh my!


WOW days are taking place today. Year 1 have their topic and can be enjoyed even more when dressed as a lions, tigers and bears! Oh my!


We hope all of our Hpabe families had a wonderful holiday. We are looking forward to seeing all of the children back tomorrow


We had a brilliant last few days of term. Christmas lunch, staff Christmas quiz, pantomime with , a surprise for the children from and lastly the Christmas houses competition winners announced by Wishing you all a very merry Christmas


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Lovely new primary Mandarin displays going up around the and who just heard they got the International Schools Foundation Level Award


Well done to year 3 for a fantastic festive concert. We loved listening to your singing


Year 3 have been writing instructions for how to have a Merry Christmas.


The first edition of our brand new newspaper ‘Newsfuse’ hit the playground newsstand today. A brilliant read! Well done to the Newsfuse Year3 team and the wonderful Amanda Potter for bringing the paper to life.


Our nativity performances raised the roof today. All children were superstars, remembering lines, dancing their funky camel hooves off and judging just like the pros! Well done KS1 children,staff and everyone involved it was fabulous darling!


Thank you for an amazing music recital our children performed so well on piano and violin. Musicians in the making.


The windows of are flooded with our children’s artwork as they run their ‘Christmas Houses’ drawing and colouring competition. Voting takes place this week by passerby votes and winners will be announced on the 21st of December. Good luck all!


The stage is set and rehearsals are well underway. Can’t wait for our big show!


Thank you so much for the very kind donation of our wonderful Christmas tree and Alexander’s Florist in Beckenham.


So proud of our singing superstars! Thank you for organising such a lovely community event


What fantastic news! Well done to all our amazing singing superstars. We look forward to proudly presenting our prize tree and decorations in our school reception area.

Harris Academies
All Academies in our Federation aim to transform the lives of the students they serve by bringing about rapid improvement in examination results, personal development and aspiration.

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Our teachers and other staff seek to discover and nurture special talents within each child.  There is something for everyone in our extracurricular programme which is packed full of music, dance, sports and drama.


  • On Mondays after school we have Art club and Racquet Sports. During lunchtime we also run an art club and a Go club
  • On Tuesdays after school we have Cooking, basketball, dodgeball. We also run French club during the lunchtime.
  • On Wednesdays after school we have Harlequins who run Streetdance and Sasha's Singing Stars who run Choir. We will be running Spanish during the lunchtime.
  • On Thursdays after school we Harlequins who run Drama club.  These classes offer a space for the children to learn to dance and act in a relaxed and fun environment.  The classes have also been known to perform at our Summer and Easter fairs and there is a termly parent’s performance. We will also be running a Choir lunchtime club with Serlina Boyd.  We will also be running multisports and pop lacrosse.
  • On  Wednesday and Thursdays during the school day we offer the opportunity for your child to sign up for violin or piano lessons.  They learn to understand rhythm, the music alphabet and music theory and develop nimble fingers! 
  • On Fridays we offer football and gymnastics.

Please see here for timetable and contact details.



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HAPB Choir Permissionform LUNCHTIMECLUB 1.doc 19th Sep 2018 Download
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In House Sports and Activities 11th Dec 2018 Download
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Singing Stars.pdf 19th Sep 2018 Download
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